Skipping dinner to lose weight? You might want to think twice

Updated: Jan 22, 2020

It’s a very common error among people that want to cut back the calories that they consumed in a day skipping some meal with the hope that it will make them slimmer faster. Cutting back a meal all of a sudden can cause many catastrophic consequences on your body and overall health. Here’s all that you need to know

Feeling overwhelmed by weight gain? This feeling it’s completely normal – especially after holidays – when we use to loosen up our dietary regime for just a little – perhaps a lot – to enjoy time with family and friends.

But going back to reality can mean a pain in the ass and the head: you find yourself that some clothes don’t fit you anymore, feel more tired from your daily routine or even start to experience some joint pain. 

So, you decide that you need to lose some extra pounds… what would you do next? Is skipping meals part of your “magic solution”? Because, if this is a personal trait, let me remind you is bad for your body and health.

Skipping dinner or cutting back calories?

Like the experts of NHS say, skipping meals is never a good idea. When surprisingly cutting back food intake, your body might miss out on some very important nutrients, giving you the feeling of tiredness and the need for sugary craves which will lead to a high weight gain. 

But also, your whole body will suffer: these are the most important reasons why you don’t need to skip dinner if you want to lose weight

You will feel dizzy

Skipping dinner might make you feel dizzy and tired the next day. This happens when the glucose level on our blood drops all of a sudden, causing our brain to suffer while you feel out of energy ad very probably, passing out.


You will want to overeat in the next opportunity

You will likely tend to overeat in the next meal you have because your body thinks you owed him a good amount of food which translates to a big energy loss. 

On the other hand, if you do so, your body won’t process it the way it should so overeating will also bring bad consequences to your health.

You will be crankier

Low blood sugar in your body will cause an increase in levels of cortisol – the stress hormone – on your system, which will make you feel irritable and angry.

You won’t be able to maintain it at long term

Skipping dinner can be useful at first – you will see a short term fast weight loss – but, when you decide to go back to your regular dietary regime, this will hit you right back, causing you a greater weight gain.

Yoyo dieting messes up with your metabolism, causing you to regain and retain more weight – because your body doesn’t know when you will stop eating – also creating a decrease in blood levels of the leptin hormone – the one that decreases appetite – making you eat more. 

Get healthy by choosing healthy meals instead of skipping

We understand that skipping meals can be tempting but, considering the long-term consequences, we advise you to think twice before choosing this.

Instead of skipping dinner try on eating balanced meals and snacks through the day with the right amount of protein, fiber, fruit, and vegetables. These changes will make you feel more energized and healthy while losing weight.


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